Durago vs powerstop

If you drive a car, truck or any other vehicle on a daily basis, you definitely know the importance of having an effective braking system. A poor braking system may mean you losing control and hitting another car, structure or pedestrian. A great section of the braking system is the brake rotor.

which brake pad from rockauto (or elsewhere)?

Brake rotors function together with the brake pads and other braking parts to provide your car with high stopping power. For this reason, you need to identify the best disc rotors for your vehicle. There are different brands and types and their work knowing how to select the best. Read on to know how to select the best brake rotors for the money. AcDelco 18AA is a quality disc rotor with excellent features that improve the overall braking mechanism of your car.

Also, it has multiple alloys for enhanced dissipation of heat and performance.

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The radius is round in shape for added strength. Furthermore, it is quality validated for proper metallurgy and right brake plate thickness. Check Price. The Centric They have a black e-coating to prevent the rotor from corrosion and a machined finish to maintain cleanliness.

The center split core castings is for proper heat transfer on the disc rotor. Also, it has a rounded radius for additional strength and numerous alloys for improved heat dissipation. It is very effective in performance and compatible with several car types.

The DuraGo BR is another powerful and durable disc rotor. It has excellent features that enable suitable heat dissipation and high performance of the brake disc. The castings that the brake rotor comes with are created to high metallurgical standards for consistent quality, strength and performance. Also, it is compatible with several vehicles. AcDelco 18AA rear disc brake rotor is durably constructed. It has a rounded radius for added strength. It has several alloys for better heat dissipation and greater performance.

Furthermore, it is compatible with many vehicles. This type of disc rotors offer more bite and they allow air to blow through the disc, thus assisting to maintain the rotors cool and vent even more brake gas. They are very effective in performance.

These highly improve braking performance. They also offer extra bite and friction to your pads. The slots on the rotor face as well enable gas to vent and escape from between the pad and the rotor, keeping the friction areas clean and reducing the chance of brake fade.

These are made of two friction surfaces sandwiched together with a network of vanes and posts between them.Our Address. Kings Mills, OH My initial impressions of the pads are very good. The Z17 is the Z16 pads that Power Stop also sells but with the addition of a hardware kit which is very nice since I like to replace the hardware when I do a brake job.

It came with the abutment clips as well as new squealers. The pads feel very high quality, with a nice finish and good looking friction material. They fit perfectly once I cleaned the rust out of the caliper bracket. Power Stop includes a bedding in procedure that I followed, and the pads have a nice bite to them.

These are probably going to be my new go-to pad as they seem to be good quality, include hardware, have good vehicle coverage, and are inexpensive. There are a lot of reviews of the Power Stop Z23 performance pads that are very positive so it seems that Power Stop makes a good product. The parts guys said they sell quite a few of them with no comebacks for noise, etc. This parts store mostly services local shops so I tend to believe them.

These pads replaced a set of Perfect Stop made by Wagner pads that our mechanic had put on, which seemed fine but after a few years of NY winters the friction material was crumbling away and the shims were rusted away.

The job was pretty straightforward, the Subaru setup is the typical drum-in-hat rear brake setup, but when doing the passenger side I found one of the caliper pins was seized and I ended up replacing the caliper. This was the first time I had ever replaced a caliper and was a bit nervous opening up the brake system but it went smoothly.

Gravity bleeding was pretty much all it needed, and the pedal feels great. Thanks Eric for giving me the information and confidence to do the job! Saved a lot of money for sure. I hope this information is helpful to someone, and I will be updating the thread with how they are holding up with a few miles on them. You did a beautiful job. Seems like a quality product with hardware and all.

durago vs powerstop

Power stop is hot in the market right now. Thanks for staying dirty. Thanks collegeman! By the way my brother and I missed you at the meetup this year. I have used Centric Premium rotors in the past with the black painted hat and those are really nice rotors, but this time I went for convenience and got generic ones locally. I am interested in the power stop pads too and was wondering if you saw any coefficient of friction code on the pad material itself?

I very well could be wrong there though. If you want something with more performance their Z23 pad gets excellent reviews as well. October 11, at am Ryan Participant. Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 of 5 total. October 11, at pm October 27, at am Hi, I am interested in the power stop pads too and was wondering if you saw any coefficient of friction code on the pad material itself?

October 27, at pm Looking forward to next year. October 28, at am Menu Menu.

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Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Thread starter andylawcc Start date Mar 21, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Social The Garage. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Mar 9, 18, 1 Which one to choose? Jan 3, 11, 42 What you want to do is get as close to OEM as possible.

You might have to dig for the friction and heat rating.

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For example FF. First letter is the friction rating while cold, the next is when it's warmed up. Performance brake shoes tend to wear faster and some tend to throw out a lot of brake dust. Stick with OEM type pads. Now, having said that. Call ahead and make sure they have your shoes in stock.

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Some smaller ones have to get a courier to get it from a bigger store or have it shipped in. Sep 28, 4, 61 Noticed something on Rock Auto. Interesting if you're budget conscious. Almost free pads. I don't have one handy, but they're usually floating around the web.

durago vs powerstop

Jimzz Diamond Member. Oct 23, 4, Look for a ceramic pad. If you want local then look at the Gold pads from advance, coupons make them a good price. For rockauto.Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. For my comparison the model of rotors was for a Honda Civic Si The raybestos was He sells them for Yeah it sucks they have the nerve to put these in "Professional Grade" boxes What a rip.

You can see how crap the rotors are in the pictures Edit: To clarify the one does look better but neither is very good. Packard Bell, Could you post some pics of a better quality rotor so that those who are not as savvy can see the difference. Bill Gardiner from MotoringTV did a segment on the difference between good and bad rotors made in China.

Not to upstage packardbell, but really clear distinction between two products here. From this link, ignore the Play Current Episode - you will have to select the year in the archives on the right, and then click on Episode 2.

You have to get past the short preamble on a Suziki and a Lexus, before the interesting part from Bill.

durago vs powerstop

Packard should compare these with an OEM rotor from Honda if he can get his hands on one. The biggest problem I find is how fast the "salt" Ontario puts on the roads ruins rotors, pads, shoes, and drums now.

Over the past few years I have found that even the highest priced components get ruined by corrosion long before they wear out. I just buy the white box anymore because I don't street race so if there is a difference in actual preformance I don't notice it. So I figure I as might as well throw out a I just bought 2 front rotors and pads from CT. Even though they were on sale they were still a rip off and made in china ones.

I got the Monroe branded ones. How good are those does anyone know? This is for a corolla so probably similiar price for a civic. Hopefully the Monroe pads gets a little better after the bed in period. This video demonstrates is the difference between OEM quality rotors and cheapie rotors. The brakes are allowed to cool and then the test cycle is repeated.

OEM quality rotors take to test cycles before they crack.

Stoptech vs. Powerstop

The cheapie rotors started cracking at 10 test cycles and failed at 50 test cycles a crack large enought to go right thru the rotor. I favour Brembo rotors and drums, they seem close to oem quality. Last week I took a pair of Brembo rotors to Partsource to be turned.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Rotors: Power Stop vs Carquest, Raybestos, etc. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. MattMan02GT Member. Jul 24, 98 8 18 31 Albany, NY. I've been chasing a shimmy in my front end and after tightening a loose bolt on the steering shaft I can now feel a vibration in the wheel when slowing down and stopping.

I've already done both calipers and pads, but hadn't done the rotors because the PO did them right before I bought the car. Looks like it's about time to replace them though bc the shimmy on the highway has been driving me nuts. What's everyone's opinion on powerstop vs the middle to higher-end rotors from Advance Auto and the like? Are they worth the extra thirty bucks?? Oh yes, the car details: GT manual convertible. No drag strip or autocross, just a lead foot to and from work. Thanks in advance!

Last edited: Aug 1, Jun 17, 42 38 Here. I have the PowerStop on my F and they are perfectly good. I appreciate the input and think I'll go with the Advance set.

They're coated too so shouldn't rust up on me. Thinking about it yesterday, the previous owner had done the pads and rotors right before I bought it. I didn't like the brake dust so I put motorcraft pads on it. I'm assuming he just used the cheapest pads he could find and they probably transferred material onto the rotors when I got them hot "warping" them.Log in.

Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Mar 1, Yep, tired of the Brembo brake dust with my '15 SRT.

I'll be replacing the pads myself here shortly and am really torn between the two. I take it to the track a couple of times a year and would really appreciate feedback from you guys who have used either or both. Joined Feb 2, I'm considering Z But keep this in mind. Another guy that tracks his daily driver says he runs a street pad, but about two weeks before a track event, he drops the Brembo pads back in. This lets them bed back to the rotors.

These pads appear to change very easily. Joined Jun 27, Take it from someone who used to track their daily driver all summer long. There is noright pad for both uses. There are two right pads, street and track.

Rotors: Power Stop vs Carquest, Raybestos, etc

Swapping in a set of proper track pads the night before your event is less complicated than getting the car up on jack stands and affords you the time to inspect all things break and wheel related up close and personal before you get on track.

Swapping back to street pads after the event gives you time to do a quick bleed, detail the wheels, and check for war wounds.No more guesswork trying to select the right brake parts. We make it simple by offering an all-in-one brake kit that improves braking performance, is priced right and comes with everything you need in the box! The choice on where you buy is up to you!

We simply want to make it easy. Click here for a list on online retailer s and distributors. Have a question? Need help choosing the right brake kit? Customer service reps are standing by.

The best warranty in the industry including our Day Hassle-Free Warranty. Click here for details. The rotors still have the same shine since the day I put them on. These are very sharp and improved the look of my ride. I received my full order within a couple of days! Awesome shipping time! Kit Position. Do you tow at least once a year, have a lifted truck, big wheel upgrades or drive through steep terrain? YES NO. Brake Pad and Rotor Kit.

Brake Pad, Rotor and Caliper Kit. Not Looking for an Upgrade?

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